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Some observations regarding companies that should know better

Welcome to the Jurassic Petting Zoo Dinosaurs once roamed and ruled the earth, but they couldn’t take the heat. Similarly, Pfizer is exiting neuroscience R&D, with the exception of a couple of pain and rare disease programs, since they reside … Continue reading

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Roche Hits First Two of Three

Roche had been approaching a Trifecta of datasets and decision points that would determine whether their steadfast focus on innovative R&D in neuroscience would be sustained. Now, it seems certain that it will be, because the Company had success in … Continue reading

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Pharma New Math: Harvard+MIT>Yale

The Pharma industry has no lack of leaders whose creative vision extends only to the backside of the company walking directly in front of them. Consider the latest corporate substitute for originality, the belief that location and proximity are the … Continue reading

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