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New Definitions for Neuroscience: Data-fracking

Data-fracking is the fracturing of a dataset by the application of a pressurized search through as many datapoints as is necessary to find one that has the appearance of being positive. Typically, data is combined with cortisol and caffeine, and … Continue reading

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Voting for ‘None of the Above’ At Elan

The latest development at Elan is that the Company went to court to block Royalty Pharma‘s buyout bid, which says something about their confidence that they can make the case to their own shareholders. The shareholders deserve something better than … Continue reading

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Acadia and the FDA

In the upcoming May issue of NeuroPerspective, we will be including some commentary about institutional and regulatory rituals which endure without clear justification–or at the very least,  deserve some reconsideration. This comes in the wake of having recently had the … Continue reading

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The Varieties of Pharma Disclosure

The variations around corporate disclosure displayed by pharma companies generally fall in a range from amusing to frustrating to baffling. Over the past month, three contrasting approaches crossed our radar, and warrant mention: 1) Acadia Pharmaceuticals waited until the AAN … Continue reading

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Clarity Elan Style

The announcement that Elan has sold its Tysabri part-ownership to Biogen-Idec raises some interesting questions about Elan’s direction.  What better way to assess their strategy than by their own words? June 3, 2010 (Elan PR, from their Chairman) “Mr. Martin … Continue reading

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Pharma New Math: Harvard+MIT>Yale

The Pharma industry has no lack of leaders whose creative vision extends only to the backside of the company walking directly in front of them. Consider the latest corporate substitute for originality, the belief that location and proximity are the … Continue reading

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The Vision Thing

Putting all of one’s corporate chips on a single therapeutic program is seldom, if ever, a wise strategy. Even if the product moves forward, a company’s longterm viability depends on a periodically replenished pipeline. While this is a well-documented dynamic … Continue reading

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