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ToneDeaf Therapeutics

(from NeuroPerspective Jan-Feb 2017) (Cambridge, MA 12/8/16):  ToneDeaf Therapeutics, a startup company based in Cambridge, today announced they have obtained seed funding from undisclosed investors with which they will take their cutting-edge Auditory-Reception-Facilitation device, ARF, into IND-preparation. “It is tragic … Continue reading

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Allergan Gets It Right

It had seemed for a while that the headlines only reinforced the common public perception that the pharma industry had devolved into a snake pit of self-centered greed. Led by the Three Horsemen of the Pharmapocalypse, Shkreli, Pearson, and Bresch … Continue reading

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Neurogram+ 10-5-15

Greed Jumps the Shark1 Future pharmarchaeologists may try to unearth and analyze the sequence of events that triggered the eventual imposition of pharma price controls in the United States, for so long the bastion of pharmacoeconomic free enterprise. It is … Continue reading

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Pretzeled Peristalsis

The current spasm of M&A peristalsis just keeps yielding more data about the twisted logic so popular these days within the pharma industry and its institutional investors.Today’s sampling comes from Bloomberg.com, a piece written by Hallam and Kitamura, where they … Continue reading

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The Porcine Prerogative: A Perilous Precedent

While not falling within the CNS arena per se, the consequences of Gilead Pharma‘s decision to platinum-price Sovaldi for Hepatitis C, to the tune of $84,000 per three month treatment cycle in the US, eventually will permeate health care in … Continue reading

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Teva in Turmoil

Back in January, Teva Pharmaceuticals had made our Best News of 2012 roster, based on its announced intention to revamp and refocus its R&D on CNS and respiratory disorders, and to invest $10 billion over the next five years to … Continue reading

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New Definitions for Neuroscience: Data-fracking

Data-fracking is the fracturing of a dataset by the application of a pressurized search through as many datapoints as is necessary to find one that has the appearance of being positive. Typically, data is combined with cortisol and caffeine, and … Continue reading

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