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Over the weekend, Naurex announced that it had been acquired by Allergan (Actavis/Forest) for $560 million plus undisclosed milestones; Allergan is focused upon Naurex’s two clinical-stage Rapid-Acting-Antidepressant candidates, IV rapastinel/GlyX-13, and orally-bioavailable NRX-1074. NIR has been following this particular technology … Continue reading

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Naurex and NRX-1074

Naurex reported today that the first efficacy trial for NRX-1074, using a single-dose IV administration of a compound that will be delivered orally from now on, established a remarkable degree of immediate impact. At 24 hours post-injection of the highest … Continue reading

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New Ketamine Data

As was discussed at length in December’s NeuroPerspective, the quest for a rapid-acting anti-depressant (RAAD) continues to be one of the most closely watched races in neuropharmacology. A small but intriguing Mt-Sinai sponsored study comparing ketamine with the anesthetic midazolam … Continue reading

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