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Jeff Nye

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Jeffrey Nye, MD PhD, VP of Neuroscience Innovation at Johnson & Johnson. Jeff was a highly respected and effective voice for neuroscience within JNJ and the field, and will … Continue reading

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Concepts for Consideration

 (from NeuroPerspective July-August 2014) 1) Biometheus and the Placebo Response Gene: Biometheus has licensed IP related to a COMT gene polymorphism that they believe identifies patients prone to placebo-response.  As they discussed in BioCentury, the developers have published work showing … Continue reading

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Still Dead: Bapineuzumab

The press is abuzz with speculation that bapineuzumab might yet have a shot at resurrection, based on subset analyses that showed a slight (9%) difference in amyloid plaque levels in bapi patients, whose levels had appeared to level off, compared … Continue reading

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Putting Bapi in Perspective

The topline results of the first bapineuzumab Phase III to report came out today, and to the surprise of no one that we know, they were negative. This trial was in APOE4 carriers, the next Phase III trial to report  … Continue reading

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