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Cosmetic Changes at GSK

Those–including NIR–who have been watching the GSK plan-for-succession as an indicator of GSK’s motivation to reassume a leadership role in pharmaceuticals, which by definition would include neuroscience, were disappointed by the GSK Board’s decision to anoint GSK’s consumer division head, … Continue reading

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Neuroscience at GSK: A Tipping Point?

GSK’s formerly vaunted and successful neuroscience programming has been under siege in recent years, with the Company exiting completely from psychiatry, and upper-level support for neurology appearing shaky at best. Now, we fear that GSK may have reached a ‘tipping … Continue reading

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Et tu, Dr. Drew?

Bearing witness to the commercial maneuvers of the Pharma Industry has never been a task suitable for anyone prone to queasiness. The latest reminder of the moral banana peel upon which Big Pharma slips and slides is GSK‘s $3 billion … Continue reading

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Identity Crisis

At JP Morgan this year, we encountered an odd and awkward phenomenon, a Big Pharma CEO/CFO who appears to wish that they worked someplace other than in the pharmaceutical industry.  GSK‘s CFO Simon Bingemans, in his twenty minute presentation, uttered … Continue reading

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