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Two Incompatible Truths

There is major news regarding the neurotherapeutics aspirations for two Big Pharmas, Roche and Bristol Myers Squibb. Roche has had sufficient success in two of the three programs whose outcome was to dictate their future course vis-a-vis CNS (gantenerumab and … Continue reading

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Making CNS Pay Off

In preparing the October issue of NeuroPerspective, we noted that September was another solid month for the neuroscience stock sector, with a number of companies showing dramatic valuation gains. In fact, the index was up over 11% in just the … Continue reading

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Voting for ‘None of the Above’ At Elan

The latest development at Elan is that the Company went to court to block Royalty Pharma‘s buyout bid, which says something about their confidence that they can make the case to their own shareholders. The shareholders deserve something better than … Continue reading

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Weather Update

The National Weather Service reports that there are some breaks in the thick layer of clouds and fog which has covered the CNS space for much of the past year. While there are not yet clear signs of a summer … Continue reading

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Two CNS Acquisitions

Two companies had buyouts announced today: One is clearly good news, the second may be good for shareholders, we are not sure about the ramifications for its CNS work. 1) Newron is acquiring neurogenesis-specialist NeuroNova for about $20 million in … Continue reading

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The Endangered Species Act of 2012

No, we do not refer to darter fish, the Algerian Ribbed Newt, or Macgregor’s Skink. Those species are thriving compared to NIR’s roster of endangered species, which includes neuro-Sellside Analysts and neuro-IPOs. While there have been rumors of sightings in … Continue reading

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Bexarotene Furor

Last week’s publication in Science of a paper by Cramer et al on the effects of bexarotene in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer’s stirred up quite the media storm, and a flurry of requests from AD families for off-label prescriptions … Continue reading

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