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Pharma Shrugged

We take issue with the commonly-held view that pushing a drug price as much as the market will bear is a fiduciary and ethical obligation: Draining every possible penny from the health care ecosystem jeopardizes the longterm health of that … Continue reading

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mAbMEN: It’s Not Over

Eli Lilly: Experimental Alzheimer’s drug shows some benefit  (AP) Eli Lilly’s Solanezumab Is the Alzheimer’s Drug Equivalent of the Internet Dress                (TheStreet) Lilly says drug slows Alzheimer’s in patients with mild disease (Reuters) Lilly’s Alzheimer’s Drug May Slow Patients’ Decline … Continue reading

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Aducanumab: Less Than Meets The Eye

The beta-amyloid target in Alzheimer’s has become, to put it politely, somewhat tarnished over the past several years. AN-1792, bapineuzumab, solanezumab, gantenerumab, plus several BACE and gamma-secretase inhibitors/modulators, have combined to form a conga-line of clinical disappointments, undulating its way … Continue reading

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Clarity Elan Style

The announcement that Elan has sold its Tysabri part-ownership to Biogen-Idec raises some interesting questions about Elan’s direction.  What better way to assess their strategy than by their own words? June 3, 2010 (Elan PR, from their Chairman) “Mr. Martin … Continue reading

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Teva and Tire Irons: The Risk of Going MAD

(from NP February: this replaces a previous post on the Teva topic) Teva‘s CEO Jeremy Levin is understandably concerned about protecting Teva’s MS franchise drug, Copaxone, particularly since Teva/Active Biotech‘s oral MS entrant, laquinimod, has underperformed thus far, and must … Continue reading

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