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Purdue’s Potemkin Village of Addiction-Prevention: Make Them Pay

The Los Angeles Times has published an appalling albeit impressive investigative piece (http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-me-oxycontin-part2/#nt=oft01a-1gp3; by Ruan, Girion, Glover) regarding Purdue Pharma’s handling of fraudulent Oxycontin prescriptions, and the part that this played in the opioid abuse crisis that has burgeoned in … Continue reading

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Zohydro’s Days are Numbered

(A courtroom in the United States, December 2016) “Doctor…Why did you prescribe Zohydro to the plaintiff’s son in July 2015?” “He was experiencing severe pain as a result of his fall, and I had positive experience in using Zohydro with … Continue reading

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