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Janssen Gets Sloppy With Esketamine

“Two esketamine PhIII trials were completed three months ago, and nothing has been disclosed from their results. It seems odd that a company like JNJ/Janssen, which has pioneered prosocial alliance-building via JLabs and their Innovation Centers, has now gone against … Continue reading

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Some observations regarding companies that should know better

Welcome to the Jurassic Petting Zoo Dinosaurs once roamed and ruled the earth, but they couldn’t take the heat. Similarly, Pfizer is exiting neuroscience R&D, with the exception of a couple of pain and rare disease programs, since they reside … Continue reading

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An Unholy Trinity of Bad News

An Unholy Trinity of Bad News In descending order of Disappointment to Disgust: 1)SAGE Therapeutics  and Brexanolone in SRSE: When asked this year what nearterm clinical trial results inspired the most confidence for us, we often mentioned the SAGE Therapeutics … Continue reading

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Notes from a Field Trip to the Medical Tower of Babel

NIR subscribers of long duration are well aware that we believe in first-hand data collection–who will forget the 1999 issue wherein we recounted our participation in the first cat-to-human brain transplant? (It didn’t take….sorry about that, Whiskers) Or last year’s … Continue reading

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Pharma Shrugged

We take issue with the commonly-held view that pushing a drug price as much as the market will bear is a fiduciary and ethical obligation: Draining every possible penny from the health care ecosystem jeopardizes the longterm health of that … Continue reading

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Pfallergan Round II?

<<Trump Executive Order Could Revive Allergan-Pfizer Merger -Emily Stewart    April 22,  2017 The Trump administration’s executive order on tax regulations could revive the defunct Allergan-Pfizer merger. The White House on Friday unveiled a new executive order instructing the Treasury … Continue reading

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Assorted Interim Comments

1) Scott Gottlieb as FDA Commissioner: Gottlieb was Deputy Commissioner during the all-too-brief tenure of Mark McClellan, and we have followed his commentaries with interest and generally with agreement over the past decade+. We do believe that he has more … Continue reading

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