ToneDeaf Therapeutics


(from NeuroPerspective Jan-Feb 2017)

(Cambridge, MA 12/8/16):  ToneDeaf Therapeutics, a startup company based in Cambridge, today announced they have obtained seed funding from undisclosed investors with which they will take their cutting-edge Auditory-Reception-Facilitation device, ARF, into IND-preparation. “It is tragic to see the unmet clinical need of pharma executives who have absolutely no idea how they come across to others“, said ToneDeaf CEO Martin Shkreli. “Our mouse studies show that mice utilizing ARF improve by 10% their comprehension of how they sound when communicating with other mice, and we are confident that these results are highly predictive of success in human testing.” ARF utilizes a well validated therapeutic mechanism, improving it (and its IP protection) by constructing the device from an advanced polymer developed by MIT’s Robert Langer*. The polymer promotes improved auditory processing and over time is completely absorbed into the ear canal. Shkreli added “We expect to obtain approval for ARF under 505(b)(2), and we will bring ARF to the Pharma executive market for a very reasonable cost: Coupons will be available for those executives whose health insurance does not fully cover the cost of the device, which will be affordably discounted 95% below the cost of the Wu Tang Clan’s album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin**. Given the burden imposed upon these executives and their companies by their inability to hear themselves as others hear them, we think that no responsible pharma or biotech company will want their executives speaking in public without using ARF. I know mine doesn’t.

*Not really

** for which Shkreli paid US$2 million in November 2014









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