Cosmetic Changes at GSK

Those–including NIR–who have been watching the GSK plan-for-succession as an indicator of GSK’s motivation to reassume a leadership role in pharmaceuticals, which by definition would include neuroscience, were disappointed by the GSK Board’s decision to anoint GSK’s consumer division head, Emma Walmsley, as the CEO-in-waiting, pending Andrew Witty’s transition to even greater irrelevance. It would be hard to find a clearer indicator of surrender than naming someone whose previous corporate residence was L’Oréal to run what was once one of the pre-eminent pharma companies. On the other hand, this does augur well for alternative approaches to meeting the needs of a graying First World population. As Walmsley reportedly said during her CEO-interview: “While many other large companies are expending huge sums in the frustrating search for treatments that will help older individuals who are losing their cognitive ‘grip’, GSK will maintain its leadership role with the Polident/Poligrip franchise, so that, even as their memories fade, their dentures will remain firmly fixed in place.

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