NIR in Cerebrum

NeuroPerspective’s editor and publisher, Harry Tracy PhD, was invited to provide a current assessment of the funding environment for therapeutics programs in the areas of Neurology/Psychiatry by Cerebrum, published by the Dana Foundation. That article–The Neuro Funding Rollercoaster–was released in early June. The link to the online publication, and the associated podcast,is:

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1 Response to NIR in Cerebrum

  1. Leo Liu says:

    Harry, this is an EXCELLENT review, thanks. Did you track the numerator of how much $$ has flowed into VC overall? I wonder if part of the recent rise in CNS investments is due to too much $$ chasing too few opportunities (e.g. the precision oncology space is saturated).

    Also, what do you think of the idea from Tanzi et al that AD has an infectious/post-infectious immune response etiology? This wouldn’t be the first chronic disease discovered to have such a basis (PUD, cervical CA, etc). There’s a bizarre CNS disease in African children called Nodding Syndrome (looks like kuru when you see them on video) that is increasingly being tied to Onchocerca (river blindness) infection…


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