The Flying Dutchman sets course for an IND

<<The Flying Dutchman is a legendary ghost ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. >>  –Pedia, W.

Last November, a disspiriting diaspora of neuro talent from Bristol Myers Squibb  began when BMS decided to disband its CNS research group; hence considerable surprise back in April, when the Ghost Ship signed its iPierian deal, acquiring that Company and its tau antibody program for $175 million upfront, and promises of much more later. But given that there are tauopathies that fall under the Rare Disease category, that seemed the probable angle for understanding a deal that was CNS-based, from a company that had seemingly chosen to exit the brain.

But today, it was announced that BMS is advancing a NR2B antagonist candidate molecule that had been developed within its ‘fully internalized’ alliance with NeurOp. They will be preparing the compound for its eventual IND, in psychiatry, aimed at Treatment-Resistant Depression. Which is not a rare disease.

One can only imagine what would be possible if they hadn’t made most of their crew walk the plank.

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1 Response to The Flying Dutchman sets course for an IND

  1. PorkPieHat says:

    Aye, mate. Water, water everywhere, and not a DROP to drink!

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