Valeant Masses Tanks at Allergan Border, Says Prepared to Protect Shareholder Rights

Reading today’s comments by Pershing Square‘s William Ackman  about his plan to remove Allergan directors and replace them with Valeant friendly directors who would support the surrender of Allergan to Valeant, we couldn’t help but be reminded of a recent speech by another statesman dedicated to protecting the rights of the oppressed:

<<“We think Allergan’s board and management are delaying the inevitable, we encourage them to negotiate with Valeant immediately,” Ackman told a conference call with financial analysts Monday.
“If they negotiate immediately, a merger agreement could be signed in a week, this transaction could get done in a matter of months.”
The move by Pershing Square follows meetings it held last week with other large Allergan shareholders as well as hedge funds and risk-arbitrage investors who combined with Ackman held more than half the shares in Allergan.
“They believe the merger makes tremendous sense and it is a highly strategic transaction and creates enormous shareholder value,” Ackman said the investors told him.>>

the Canadian Press 6/2/2014


<<The most recent public opinion surveys conducted here in Russia show that 95 percent of people think that Russia should protect the interests of Russians and members of other ethnic groups living in Crimea – 95 percent of our citizens. More than 83 percent think that Russia should do this even if it will complicate our relations with some other countries. A total of 86 percent of our people see Crimea as still being Russian territory and part of our country’s lands. And one particularly important figure, which corresponds exactly with the result in Crimea’s referendum: almost 92 percent of our people support Crimea’s reunification with Russia.
Thus we see that the overwhelming majority of people in Crimea and the absolute majority of the Russian Federation’s people support the reunification of the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol with Russia.>>

–Vladimir Putin

Prague Post  3/18/2014

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