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Twitter and Prana

NIR has been asked on a few occasions why we do not utilize the social media potential offered by Twitter. The current contretemps around the Prana results in Huntington’s beautifully illustrate why we do not: Twitter is an effective venue … Continue reading

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Prana followup

Having just participated in the Prana CC, there are a couple of informational pieces worth mentioning: 1) The statement that all trends seen on the range of measures administered were in the “positive direction” gives some reassurance that the two … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Prana

Prana Biotechnology finally announced the results from their Huntington’s Phase II trial today, and depending on who one reads, one might come away with the impression of great success–or abject failure. We think the truth is in between, but is … Continue reading

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Setting the Bar Low

BioCentury Extra for 2/12/14, regarding a FDA/Institute of Medicine conclave: <The second day planned for Thursday was postponed due to weather; FDA said it would be rescheduled for April or May and would focus on communicating uncertainty.> An excellent example … Continue reading

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AstraZeneca: Good News, Bad News (revised)

(Correction in paragraph 3, regarding Targacept): The press coverage today was all about AZ’s decision to advance their BACEi for Alzheimer’s, AZD3293, into a Phase II/III trial that, if highly successful, could in theory serve as a single trial for … Continue reading

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