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Bitopertin addendum

In looking at the Roche bitopertin trial design, the six month readout in the negative symptom trial protocol was the primary endpoint, not an interim measure. The second six month timeframe was an ‘extension within protocol.’ The suboptimal responder trials … Continue reading

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Bitopertin Disappointment

The third leg of Roche’s triumvirate of important clinical events–and by far the most important–is thus far not unfolding as well as did the first two. The Phase III program for bitopertin, Roche’s first-in-class glycine site transporter inhibitor (GlyTi), began … Continue reading

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Nicotinic alpha 7 update

In the January issue of NeuroPerspective, NIR speculated about the failure of Targacept’s TC-5619 Phase IIb trial in schizophrenia: ” This  trial was dosed at 5mg and 50mg levels, compared to .3 and 1mg dosing for EnVivo’s EVP-6124 in the … Continue reading

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