Roche Hits First Two of Three

Roche had been approaching a Trifecta of datasets and decision points that would determine whether their steadfast focus on innovative R&D in neuroscience would be sustained. Now, it seems certain that it will be, because the Company had success in a major depression trial for their mGluR5 blocker, and an internal review of interim (likely some type of biomarker assessment) data for gantenerumab has led to a full go-ahead for that mAb in Alzheimer’s. Phase III data for bitopertin, their GlyTi in schizophrenia, has begun to arrive, but they may well decide to not disclose those results, since they do not want to impact enrollment (and investigator/patient expectations) in bitopertin studies that arestill underway. Setting aside the obvious question of whether maintaining two AD mAb programs in parallel (i.e. along with Genentech/Roche‘s crenezumab) is a prudent use of resources for a single company, this is outstanding news for Roche and the sector.

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