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Elan: If You Can’t Beat Them, Be Them

Freud (Anna, not her father) coined the psychoanalytic term ‘identification with the aggressor’ to describe a process wherein an individual identifies with–and emulates–the behavior of someone they experience as a threat, in order to feel less vulnerable. Elan has now … Continue reading

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The Not So Divine Comedy of Psychiatric Nosology

There has been considerable recent discussion in the popular press regarding DSM-5, the American Psychiatric Association‘s new version of their diagnostic manual, heavily utilized by mental health providers of all stripes, some much more reluctantly than others. NIR was asked … Continue reading

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Gammagard’s Failure

So far as Baxter’s Gammagard was concerned, there was absolutely no ‘buzz’ of anticipation in the neuroscience community, and we had said in last September’s review of Alzheimer’s that “Our suspicion is that, once again, a small open-label subset of … Continue reading

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Passing for Analysis

Occasionally, the general financial press comes up with a comparison or concept that is amusingly obtuse, but it’s less amusing when one considers the likelihood that this reflects the kind of superficial analysis that can drive investor sentiment, and that … Continue reading

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