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Neurocrine and the Rogue Site

Neurocrine Biosciences has released the PhII results for NBI-98854, their VMAT2 inhibitor for Tardive Dyskinesia. The Company reported that a single site (of the eight US sites involved) threw off the overall data analysis because their AIMS testing scores did … Continue reading

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ISCDD 2012

This past week, NeuroPerspective had the privilege of  again participating in the annual meeting for the International Society for CNS Drug Development. It was the tenth anniversary of the founding of ISCDD by Amir Kalali, the head of CNS for … Continue reading

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NGF Blocker Prospects Enhanced, but Diminished

The unanimous (21-0) vote by a FDA Advisory Committee in favor of allowing continued testing of NGF blockers for osteoarthritis is a welcome acknowledgement that current analgesic options have their own potentially serious–even lethal–adverse event profiles, and that there is … Continue reading

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Alone, A Loan for Allon

Canada’s Allon Therapeutics today announced that they had borrowed $2.5 million (at 12% interest) from a major shareholder (with convertible options) in order to carry them towards year-end, when they will have pivotal trial data for davunetide in Progressive Supranuclear … Continue reading

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Not Lost in Translation: Elan’s CEO Succession

Elan’s Chairman has sent out an announcement regarding a change in the planned transition from  Kelly Martin’s stewardship as CEO. As a public service, we are providing a translation. Each section of the PR is followed by translation in boldface: … Continue reading

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