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The New York Times Sunday Review Welcomes You to the Pleasuredome

NIR is not particularly prone to media paranoia, the notion that there are hidden, manipulative agendas behind stories and opinion pieces. But we are starting to wonder about the NYT Sunday Review. For the second time in three weeks, they … Continue reading

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Bexarotene Furor

Last week’s publication in Science of a paper by Cramer et al on the effects of bexarotene in transgenic mouse models of Alzheimer’s stirred up quite the media storm, and a flurry of requests from AD families for off-label prescriptions … Continue reading

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Shrinkage from A to Z

No wonder AstraZeneca‘s CFO did a twenty minute infomercial at JPM on ‘Why you should partner with AstraZeneca.’ Those who have advocated for the transition of Big Pharma to a purely late-stage drug development and commercialization role, leaving R&D to … Continue reading

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