Et tu, WSJ?

First the New York Times publishes a bizarro-world opinion piece on ADHD, about which a separate post was written yesterday. Today, the Wall Street Journal publishes an article written by Shirley Wang, titled: ‘A New Target in Fighting Brain Disease: Metals.’ The piece cites a smattering of interesting scientific papers regarding the interaction of metals and other putative pathological factors, primarily in Alzheimer’s, with brief mention made of Parkinson’s, ALS, and MS. But we have a few reservations about the article, starting with the title, which describes this as a “new” target. Not really. Rudy Tanzi and Ashley Bush founded Prana Biotechnology, whose core focus was and is modulating metals as targets in neurodegenerative disease–in 1997. For hieroglyphics, dinosaurs, and Shakespeare, fifteen years old can be considered ‘new.’ But not in neuroscience. Secondly, Prana Biotechnology and Rudy Tanzi are each mentioned here one more time than they are mentioned in the WSJ article. To discuss the role of metal in brain disease without bringing up Rudy Tanzi is like discussing the introduction of French cooking in America without mentioning Julia Child.  Sloppy.

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